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Magney House in New South Wales

Glenn Murcutt
Bingie Australia.1984 Point.Nueva South Wales

Imagen the Flickr
The Australian architect Glenn Murcutt won the Alvar Aalto Medal and Pritzker Prize 2002. His work stands out for its fidelity to inherit simultaneously modern and Australian indigenous tradition where their homes stand out as light, functional and comfortable, designed according to the environment and climate.

The Magney House is located southeast of Australia, waterfront on a small hill where the wind is constant over all the South and this region has a hot arid climate in the summer and cold in winter.
The house itself, was conceived as a response to climate and place, where the form of the house offers protection against southerly winds, and opens to the north in response to solar angles, allowing close depending on the temperature and time. The valley-shaped roof captures rainwater and directs it to a cistern to be used later,. This spine separates water service service spaces most closed in the south and the open spaces open in the north.
The impact of the Magney house on the site is extremely subtle, including land from certain angles you can barely see it is hidden under the uneven terrain.
The orientation and the openings completely respond to the site and the materials used are from the region. All sustainability principles are applied in this house. Its structure is practical and works integrally with the house.
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