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House in Leiria

Exterior View of Housing
Manuel Aires Matheus

Leiria. Portugal. 2010

On the outskirts of Leiria (Portugal) find a home as a first impression seems "typical home", but once we entered it is not what it seems. The house is emptied at its center by the light designed by a triple-height courtyard that opens horizontally on the ground floor with garden.

Using a combined basement with main and upper floors are covered all space requirements, thus tricking the eye in a game of white lining a comfortable and comfortable.
The interior uses a multitude of glass panels from floor to ceiling to open an interior space to the external light, with a floor in the form of "U" around the central terrace.
The interior and exterior floors are parquet. Whites in el outer case and preserving the splendor and comfort of wood inside. Also used by the furniture, this color is the wire wood for walls and ceilings of a pure white. Constructively, deck finish using acrylic paint is possible thanks to modern existing waterproofing products.

Photography: Arquinetia

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Internal courtyard housing
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