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Regional Plan of New York

Wide of the proposal for a system of parks and highways in the area of ​​New York, Connecticut and New Jersey

Thomas Adams. Regional Plan Ass.
NY. USA. 1932
In the early twentieth century, a group of sociologists, geographers and planners Americans raised the proposed set of recommendations for improving planning and ample space comprising 3 states, 22 counties and would affect more than 10 million. This immense work of analysis and end up becoming the proposal Regional Plan of New York and its environs, submitted 1932. A philanthropic document would be developed collectively by private independent association of the same name and have a decisive influence on the future management of the environment and regional development of the great American conurbation.
Based on the ideas of Robert Parks and led by Lewis Mumford and Thomas Adams, New York Plan propose spreading the concept of geographical space in New York as a metropolis made up of a industrial core and a periphery reserved for residential, agriculture and recreation.
This sprawling complex territorial plan proposed strategies for functional improvement of space, establishing the concept of fuzzy recentralization, a reference to a coordinated and active relocation of population and industry in new poles outside Manhattan.
The plan would establish, among many others, general idea for implementing systems that articulate the movement of people, connections and communications by proposing huge meshes road and interconnected spaces what I would call Parkway System.
The Regional Plan of New York is a pioneer and reference history to the modern techniques of territorial and environmental planning. The Regional Plan Association is working with philanthropic today to improve the quality of life in the New York area.

America 2050. One of the latest proposals of the RPA
About Robert Moses. One of the protagonists of the development of New York
A new proposal for the future of New York. Robert Yaro

Three-dimensional representation of Manhattan today

Image extracted from blog Gothamist

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