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Pools in Cornella Sports Park

Alvaro Siza
Cornella de Llobregat. Barcelona. Spain .2006

Located in the municipal boundaries of Cornellà de Llobregat is Parc Complex Esportiu great sports equipment 40.000 square meters by the architect Portuguese, Alvaro Siza.

The complex has a large pavilion with adaptive tracks different team sports and accommodates 2.500 viewers with the fitness rooms 200 square meters and two other similar activities for.
The resort stands out above all the pool with an area of 3.500 m consists of two pools, indoor and uncovered which bind without touching. The interior receives overhead light that filters through the skylights dotting the ceiling dome, but also natural light, that comes from the glass that separates the outdoor pool.
With a play area and rest and other compartmentalized into lap lanes faster, the indoor remember an urban beach. The resort respects and protects the city behind a facade bathers low permeability, ensuring, inside the enclosure, will equal the bathroom break and the water will calm strength while users to share a large pool. The building has a system of solar panels and rainwater collection.
His relationship with the city, must take into account that you are in a sport that was nothing antesno, the limit of the built, and now is a set of sports facilities that try to be sewn by a green.
Article "Swimming for All" Anatxu Zabalbeascoa :
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