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Nexus World en Fukuoka

Rem Koolhaas-OMA
Kashii.Fukuoka.Japon 1991

Nexus World (1991) is one of the experiments on multifamily housing typology most interesting of recent times. This set included the participation of several famous Western architects, led by renowned Japanese master Arata Isosaki, including Steven Holl, Oscar Tusquets, Mark Mack, Christian de Portzamparc, Osamu Ishiyama y especially Rem Koolhaas, who was catapulted to international fame after her participation in this project.

Nexus World is located in Kashii, near Fukuoka, In the region of Kyushu, southwestern Japan. The resort is located next to the Hakata Bay, and not very far away, on an artificial island located in front, is the project Grin Grin Park of Toyo Ito.
Koolhaas's proposal noted for his interpretation of the significant housing and their spatial management. The proposal consists of 24 units three levels each, organized in two blocks that define access to an interior street, where a patio private vertically into the interior of each housing space and light entering in each of the same.
The syntax of these blocks breaks with the tradition of settling the buildings on a solid visually, Koolhaas placed a solid shell black granite plinths acting as adjacent towers of which seem to escape the floating roofs of the houses and where their base is much more transparent and light, which gives the composition Lightness, heightened by the free play of the concrete cover on the third level
For the functional organization of the blocks, Koolhaas established public domains into the street, through a glass facade and outgoing, and the most inward private.
Access to the interior of the housing is done through platforms located on these walls that surround and traverse the walls. On the first floor there is a private courtyard patio and the second is where are the bedrooms, in the third room and dining room.
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