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Firth of Forth Bridge

John Fowler y Benjamin Baker
Edinburgh, Scotland. Britain. 1890

Seen from one end of the bridge

The Firth of Forth Bridge is one of the greatest engineering feats performed during the nineteenth century. It represents the first major steel bridge in the world would.

Designed to establish a direct rail link to the north of Scotland through the vast stretch of sea that represents this great estuary or coastal fjord. In time, was considered a vital part to improve communications of this part of Britain.
The set of structures that constitute it has a total length of over two and a half miles. and consists of two sections of three main pieces land and on water. The first were built with stone masonry pillars, that rely on long beams triangulated to form two approach viaducts multiple arc. The second, beams are gigantic reticulated hexagonal double cantilever, which have a length of more than 500 mts each, which in turn are supported on pontoons granite stonework and resting on the bottom of the estuary. In its central part the three main structures would be joined with two smaller beams which rest on the above. The set features two large stone ballast at the ends. These are heavier than the 1000 tons and complete the entire structural system designed.
Their magnitudes are awe. In its central part the arched openings are formed with a height greater a40 metroslo allowing passage of large vessels without difficulty. At the top of the rafters are reached 110 meters, equivalent to a building over 30 storey, it also indicates the magnitude of the structures built. The numerous metal parts have to be painted at least once every 25 years and represent a combined area over las28 hectares. This immense work requires constant maintenance to their owners, Railtrack PLC. Thus, any part of this bridge is always covered in scaffolding, intended for painting work, replacement of damaged parts and repair corrosion.

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Detail of the tubular structure during construction riveted to one of the massive triangular cantilever beams that make up the central part of this structural principle puente.Representación from which shape was conceived puente.Representación structural principle from that .


Structural principle representation from which it was conceived puente.Postal shape former showing the arrangement of the bridge tripartite


Old postcard showing the tripartite arrangement of the bridge


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