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Caracas East Park

View of one of the small gaps in the interior of the park

Roberto Burle Marx
Avenida Francisco de Miranda, Chacaíto
Caracas, Venezuela. 1959
A late 50 Caracas authorities will entrust themselves to Burle Marx Brazilian landscape performing this extraordinary park that today is in a sorry state of neglect.
Be constructed taking the place of an old colonial hacienda more than70 hectáreasque was located in a central position in the valley of Caracas, along dela Carlota airport. Burle Marx folklore work in collaboration with other local technicians transform the space into one of the best contemporary artistic city.
The sensitivity and inventiveness of the landscape in the use of tropical, its ecological approach in respect to the geography of the sites and the formal aesthetic inspiration in modern artists such as Jean Arp, would lead here to a masterpiece of contemporary landscape. What the artist is defined as a synthesis of the concept of the garden in its relationship with nature as "set of artificial ecological associations”.
The generated environments would rely on the constant presence of water and the distant prospect of Mount Avila to offer naturalistic inspired spaces where color contrasts and generate masses unquestionable beauty.
Burle Marx's strategy is based on the location of the most spectacular native species and introduction of ornamental character acclimatised. The contours of the prairies, lakes and woodlands are defined as a fluid, gently undulating topography that leverages existing subtly creating spaces estanciales highly appreciated by visitors and users. The paths and roads follow a curved path approach well suited to landforms and are structured to allow views near and far.
In the last decade, the park has been colonized by all types of construction and destruction of the surface flora is almost complete. The worst attack destroyer against this essential piece of heritage of the city of Caracas is committed when recently produced the transformation of Lake 9, under the "Project Leander" to host the "Freedom Ship", a absurd homenaje a illustration of liberation Francisco de Miranda.
Another example of the ignorance and carelessness that has gripped Venezuela, that is destroying most relevant samples of their contribution to world culture.
About the Park East. The blog Caracas 10N, 67The
Collection of Roberto Burle related designs. Center for Landscape Architecture
It antimonumento Francisco de Miranda. Hannia Gomez

Than the fleece pra. Presentation made by LATV landscaper Brazil

Video introduction to the work of Burle Marx

Design of the overall management of the Park East as designed by Burle Marx
The distant prospect of Mount Avila from inside the park
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