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Master Plan of Newport Coast

Overview plan of the organization. Newport Coast Master Plan. SWA Group


Spatial typical residential communities proposed by the Plan around the golf courses
Form apples distribution of houses in cul de sac on the upper platforms of the promontories geographic horizontal.
SWA Group of Michael Madden Ass.
Orange County. California, USA. 1989
Orange County south of the city of Los Angeles is the culmination urban American lifestyle. Within this space, Newport is one of the latest developments that have taken place in this coastal area.
Newport Beach es una City on the Edge occupied 7.000 Hectares, (Baptize Edge City as Joel Garreau in his book titled) that has more than 3.000 houses located in the vicinity of a protected natural area, el Cristal Cove State Park, and are connected with the leading metropolis of the U.S. west coast by the Pacific Coast Highway The urbanization has two exclusive golf courses and shopping centers only accessible by private vehicle.
The Cost Newport Master Plan is one of the last betting the Irvine Company in the development of the area and represents a new model of spatial structure associated with suburbanization naturalization papers giving a new form of social and economic organization supported highly unsustainable . Newport Coast is the culmination of that vision and propose ideological more than a century American authors like Thoreau mitificadores texts of life in contact with nature, as Walden Pond and would be displayed in urban utopias as Broadacre City by Frank Lloyd Wright.
This form of urban organization has been cloned in numerous cities and peripheral developments elsewhere in the world serving as support to new cities and tourist areas newly created.
This project would implement a renowned American consultancy, SWA Group, with extensive global experience in landscape design, urban planning with a long career since he founded it in Hideo Sasaki 1953.
Newport Coast. Information page of the Irvine Company
General Plan of the City. City of Newport Beach, 2006
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