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Consortium Building Santiago

Night view of the building


Enrique Browne-Borja Huidobro
The Condes.Santiago of Chile.1993

The Consortium Office Building-Santiago occupies half a block on Avenida El Bosque and has a boat planform giving the bow south, you have 17 floors and the developer asked the main condition to be as transparent as possible .The building includes two longitudinal volumes among them are a large gallery which contains the entrances. They are located at the ends of the building.

The building was zoned vertically leaving the first four floors for the Consortium and the rest independent access regime alquiler.con.

The treatment of the facades deserves special mention ,where the main facade overlooking East is glazed and offers nice views of the Andes and good temperatures.'s facade facing west to avoid heat problems working with natural and technical means to protect the building was used for this double façade a thermoplastic inner and outer panels with green vegetation .. This facade reduces in vertical garden 3200 m2 varying in appearance according to the season.
Photography:Victor Perez
Plans / Images:
Access plant
Source Skycraper
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  • Federico

    Hola, como va? quisiera saber si esta al alcance de nosotros los planos en .dwg para autocad.

    Muchas gracias.

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