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Private Sea Ranch

Aerial view of the Sonoma County coast in the Sea Ranch. The the blog Stepien y Barno


Lawrence Halprin, y MLTW Architects
Sonoma. California, USA. 1967
Urbanization Sea Ranch is an interesting urban design effort would focus on achieving high-density integration built from the highest respect for the existing landscape elements.
Halprin intensity study with natural conditions of the place for the best adaptation of the proposed development to the particular location. The proposal would be based on the objective of performing highly ecological planning radical site from consideration the previous value of the landscape and its main geomorphological, climate, hydrographic, botanical, etc..
This area of ​​Sonoma County, Northbound San Francisco, is a rugged coastal area characterized by Grassy viewshed, bounded at its upper edge by residues from forestry, descending, gentle topography seaward, the constant surge of small cliffs edge and strong wind incidence.
In Sea Ranch, and reinforcement planting some tree stands perpendicular to the coast would serve to divide the area into different enclosures that would increase its powerful theatrical nature. The authors project the available blocks of residential buildings alongside those seeking their wooded crests visual masking and wind protection. In the first buildings designed by architects such as MTLW, the massive use of wood in construction, the traditional way of the American West, and the complex and rich articulation of volumes to suit the wind and prospects would lead to a highly sophisticated area of ​​high spatial quality.
That unorthodox effort in integrating architecture and landscape urbanization have made this illustrious example of the best made in American landscape design during the second half of the twentieth century.


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