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House of Dance in Pampulha

View from main entrance


Oscar Niemeyer
Bello Horizonte.Brasil.1943
The House of Dance is located on a small island connected to a small concrete bridge near shore,to house a small restaurant, a lounge with tables, dance floor, kitchen and toilets. When I face the Oscar Niemeyer project 33 years put into practice in very strong all the freedom that reinforced concrete allowed. The draft proposes architectural and landscape design full integration with the atmosphere of the place ,with beautifully maintained landscaped gardens designed by Burle Marx .
The home of dance grows from two circles are tangent internally,where the deck plan which covers the circular marquee extends a winding, which ends in a bar, after embracing a large circular stage located by Lake, particularly remarkable in this sinuous cover alludes to its use .
This entertainment center musical activities had to close its doors in 1946 by gambling ban,long becoming a commercial space. In 2002 Dance House was reopened after receiving a restoration under the supervision of one Niemeyer.
Photography:World Photo
General Floor
Fotografia Rafael Rocha
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