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Centro Cultural SESC Pompeia

Exterior view towards catwalks
Centro Cultural SESC Pompeia
Lina Bo Bardi
Sao Paulo.Brasil.1982
Opened its doors in 1982 and daily receives five thousand people, is formed by five major areas designed especially for culture, especially its theater productions receiving large. Located in Sao Paulo in an old factory drums that would be demolished has become the cultural center.
Lina Bo Bardi preserves the existing brick industrial building and complemented by two large volumes of concrete retaining industrial image,where the project is proposed as aggregation; the context is understood as debris on which intervenes. Try to find new spaces transform and enhance existing, encouraging a building becomes alive .

"Going for the first time to the then abandoned drums Pompeia Factory, in 1976, I was curious enough, in view of an eventual recovery of the local leisure center, were those sheds rationally distributed under British projects of early European industrialization, of mid-nineteenth century. Although what I loved was the precursor elegant concrete structure.
The second time I was there, a Saturday, the atmosphere was another: there was more plush, secluded Hennebiqueana structure, but cheerful audience of children, mothers, elderly parents and passing a flag to another. Children ran, played youth football in the rain that fell from the roofs broken, laughing, chutes giving the ball in the water. I returned many times, Saturday and Sunday trying to fix those cheerful popular scenes”. Lina Bo Bardi
Photography: xaviru

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