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Brazilian Sculpture Museum

View from Entrance to Museum
Brazilian Museum of Sculpture
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1995
The Brazilian Sculpture Museum is the result of the mobilization of the inhabitants of Sao Paulo against the construction of a shopping center. Paulo Mendes da Rocha after winning the contest projected the Museum in a garden designed by Burle Marx, which was conceived as a garden for outdoor sculptures and seeks intervention create free space .
The building itself is already a sculpture and is situated in the triangular plot between the streets and Avenue Europe Germany and developed taking advantage of the gap between two streets that limit the site under a series of horizontal planes, that make a public square at the same level of the city, understanding it as a continuum.
So the project emerges as a closed box, is meant especially for the section where the platforms that serve as have exceptional covering mostly horizontal slab 12 feet wide by sixty long conclusively resolves the requirements posed by a proposal developed in the subsurface.
Photography: leo Finotti
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