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Villa Planchart

Exterior view of the house
Gio Ponti

A marriage custom in the fifties the great Milanese architect Gio Ponti this property, at first call “El Cerrito” later to be known by the name of their owners. This home is located on a hill in one of the areas most coveted in town with views over the valley and the city of Caracas.

The idea for the creation of this home comes from the customer premises who requests a housing around a courtyard with views towards the Mount Avila and with ample space to house the works of art, hunting trophies and where the owner Planchart Lord made it a condition that the house could contain his collection of orchids (some 2.000 plants ).

The architect develops an Italian style home but with the necessary conditions to be inhabited in the tropics, around an open courtyard and double height rooms that give a monumental aspect to the spaces.

The architect proclaim repeatedly that the villa is his masterpiece Planchart, where he has been performing all architectural principles. This is the thesis statement you want to demonstrate in the town are all ideas that define the core architecture so Pontian from the analysis of this project we can understand all his work.
“This is my prophecy ... Here in tropical bliss, modern architecture flourish under perfect conditions for this. Elsewhere architecture is a complicated shelter, a den on the ground; Here architecture is a wing under which live in a Garden of Eden "Gio Ponti.

Currently the house has become a foundation that ensures the preservation of the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and disseminates the culture and art. You can take guided tours of the house and exposure

Ground floor of the house
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