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Rebuilt the Lower Lisboeta

Map of the city of Lisbon in 1755. Eugene Saints. Source: Wikipedia


Marques de Pombal
Lisbon, Portugal. 1775
The earthquake 1755 would be a terrible tragedy that would affect the capital of Portugal, during the reign of Joseph I. Would result in the destruction of the most meanings, including Ribeira Palace, the Casa da India and the port along the river Tagus. The king entrusted his prime minister Sebastian de Melo, Marques de Pombal, reconstruction of the city center in the space which is then recognized as the Baixa.
That effort would be formalized as an orthogonal grid 8 rows of rectangular blocks of the same size, Cuyo estudiarían buildings to be earthquake resistant. In its boundary with the river would run the monumental Praça do Comércio, extensive open space along the river bank in key reinterpret baroque Royal Palace Square that previously existed, también conocida yard as the Paço. At the other end is more secluded design the Praça Rossio which is the main access to the Baixa and one of the busiest places in the city.
The downtown Lisbon would be a precedent for the extensions to be developed in many cities over the next century.

Plaza del Trade the yard do Paço

View over the roofs of the buildings in the downtown Lisbon

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