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Gardens of the Katsura Imperial Villa

A tea house located in the garden. Photos: M Strasser, Flickr

Gardens OF Villa Katsura

Toshihito Príncipe y Maestro Kobori Ensho
Kamigyo-ku, Gyoen-nai. Kyoto, Japan. 1629
The gardens of this villa is a masterpiece of traditional style of gardening that has been practiced historically in Japan. Built during the Edo period has many buildings and several houses to practice the tea ceremony.
The Imperial Villa Katsura is the Prince Toshihito effort to translate into reality the landscape poetry known work described in the Tale of Genji. Her beauty would make his heirs appreciate this site over the years increasing its attractiveness.
An essential part of the whole, one that sets the spatial unit is the arrangement of the gardens. The overall goal is recreation scenic natural landscape, She referred to using outstanding examples and Japanese geography Appreciated. Siguiendo al Sakuteiki, Chinese treaty of garden art that transcends the representation of the form, traditional Japanese gardens should contain a series of six basic spatial elements, rocks and artificial hills, ponds, islands, streams, waterfalls and a garden for ceremonies south.


La Villa Katsura. My Architectural Moleskine
Description the Imperial Villa Katsura. Asian Historical Architecture

Meditation on Japanese gardens

Wide of complex Katsura Imperial Villa. Of Archigraphie

Three-dimensional representation of the garden. My Architectural Moleskine
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