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Villa Tugendhat

The main part of the village with wooden screen that defines the dining space
Villa Tugendhat
Mies van der Rohe
Cerna Pole. Brno, Czech Republic. 1928

This house Mies would make as a wedding gift of a German Jewish businessman for a newly married couple. Its design would occur years before the better known design Pavilion International Exhibition of Barcelona 1929.
Here the architect deploy relevant spatial ideas, The autonomous provision of structural supports, the transparent enclosure that integrates the exterior landscape and the rigorous application of a frame lattice for fitting the dividers. The effort complements the furniture created with the help of Lily Reich, the choice of luxurious materials for the finishing and coatings, such as Atlas veined marble, onyx, stainless steel, Ebony wood, etc.. Resources that contribute significantly to the overall qualification.
La Villa Tugendhat has recently been restored by the Czech state and has the status of World Heritage Monument.

Photography: Maciej Warich, Picasa


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