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Project in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Fragment of overall development level of urbanization. British Library

Raymond Unwin Barry Parker
North London, Britain. 1911

Unwin and Parker were two architects fervent defenders of British art movement Arts and Craft and theories of William Morris for a return to the simple life before industrialization. Also following the theoretical assumptions of Ebenezer Howard would implement the idea of ​​transforming rural enclosures cities in environments in which they called Garden City.
The plan for the suburb of Hampstead is the first result of these numerous ideas that would later counterparts in large suburban areas to be built in suburbs of large cities in the developed world during the twentieth century, especially in the United States.
Faced with the monotony of typical urban expansions designed to accommodate the proletariat of the industrialized cities in England in the late nineteenth and poor housing conditions in the congested central areas denounce the political groups of the time illustrated (como the Fabian Society), Howard solving, Unwin and Parker to the development of the cities consist of the combination in the maintenance of a greater presence of open spaces and the preservation of natural and agricultural environments with appropriate building densities to maintain the urban character.
Raymond Unwin. The practice of urbanism. Del blog de José Fariña
Urban Planning Hampstead Garden Suburb. Cornell University Library

View from Hampstead Garden Suburb Heath. Foto Sabine Thoele, Flickr
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