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Preliminary Plan for the Federal Capital of Australia

General management plan of the layout of the new town


The Marion Walter Burley Griffin
Canberra, Australia. 1913

In the early twentieth century Australian authorities decide the search for a suitable place for the foundation of the capital city of that country continent. In 1908 ideal space would select as a plain slightly undulating containing gaps Molongo served by the River, surrounded by some hills and mountains.
In 1911 convocaría is an international competition of ideas that receive 137 proposals, from that presented by the Illinois American couple formed by Marion and Walter Burley Griffin would get first prize with a sense of urban structure radiocentric, composed of several focal points interconnected by wide avenues. At its center, the main point was used for the seat of the national parliament and government. The sub articulate several residential and production sections. The whole arrangement is in a lagoon engarzaría formalized as two large ornamental ponds circles connected.
The Griffin Canberra Plan is the culmination of the ideas of the City Beautiful movement emerged in Chicago, around la World Columbian Exhibition, Great Universal Exhibition to be held in that city in the late nineteenth.


Source: Ideal City. National Archives of Australia

Documentation and Description of contest held. National Archives of Australia

Perspective from the central axis of the proposed city. Marion Griffin

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