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Parque de Buttes Chaumont

The park's central pond with view of the cliff and Sybilla bandstand at its summit


Jean Charles Alphand.

Metro Laumiere. District XIX. Paris, 1867

Baron Haussmann radically transform the city of Paris in his time as Prefect of the city. This resort to numerous public works among which highlights the powerful road remodeling your historic fabric. Also boost some parks like this Buttes Chaumont to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.
Commissioned al ingeniero paisajista Alphand, be built occupying the grounds of an old disused quarry. The turns of the track design inside, by the formalization of caves and hills, originates beautiful perspectives that mimic the natural and give it a very romantic and picturesque character. Over the years it has become one of the most appreciated by the Parisians.

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  • Chatting with a friend, I remembered that in my town we have a similar case called the quarry Taco Montna. An abandoned mining area is in the heart of the city and could also become a wonderful park with a little good will of neighbors and politicians that represent.

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