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Jaume Fuster Library

View of main entrance
Jaume Fuster Library

Josep Llinás Carmona

Barcelona. Spain. 2005

The Jaume Fuster Library in the Gracia district, is the first visible part of the square and its surroundings Lesseps, becoming a reference point at the confluence of the square and Vallcarca Avenue.
The diamond-shaped building with a, with an empty space on the side of the avenue "with the aim of opening the panoramic go as it passes in front. The architect wanted to make a space in which "people to feel at home and to facilitate the relationship between people", where large glazed surfaces facilitate visual relationship with their environment users.
The interior is characterized by the extent and nature diaphanous,provides for individual recollection without harming the relationship between people. With an area of 5.636 square meters is one of the largest libraries of Barcelona on four floors with an auditorium for 260 people, multipurpose room, counting showroom 298 reading points.
Situation Plan
Access Floor and
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