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Sissinghurst Castle Gardens

Tower View from the Garden White Castle. Photos: Holler&Saunders

Vita Sackville-West y Harold Nicolson

Cranbrook. Kent, England. 1930

Vita Sackville- West was a poet close to call Bloomsbury Group, to spearhead Virginia Woolf and John Maynard Keynes, inter alia. His romantic admiration for medieval art and gardening, the'd write a weekly column in The Observer, would you devote a substantial part of his life to the understanding and management of plants with an aesthetic intention.
His passion gardener would take to retire with her husband in Sissinghurst to apply the theories of his admired Gertrude Jekyll garden rooms calls, spaces for intentional mixing and blending plant species, shrubs and flower beds. Each with a different character in terms of color and shape.
THE Sissinghurst Castle Garden is the most representative of a style of gardening that was instituted well in England in the first third of the twentieth century and today has countless fans around the world.

Organizational plan of the gardens at Sissinghurst
Source: Wikipedia

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