Arquiscopio is a network platform for communication and dissemination of ideas aimed at the Hispanic community of specialists in architecture, landscaping and urban. This intellectual meeting place and information is driven by a group of architects from the Canary Islands, from Spain.

File Arquiscopio is a section of this project is dedicated to the creation of a structured database architecture relevant works, engineering, landscaping and urban
The Archive section seeks to organize and archive those works of Urban, Engineering, Landscape and Architecture that interest us. Generally, publish works that are considered historically proven quality or those newer than have been endorsed by critics.

The set is organized so that it can be accessible by both the identification of the authors and its geographical location and the type of job classification. We hope that over time this effort can be useful for working in the fields of urban, architecture and landscape design.

Esta plataforma de publicación en la red cuenta con asignación de International Standard Serial Number que corresponde a ISSN-2530-7851


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