Nancy HLL


Jean Prouvé Street Agustin Hacquart. Nancy, Lorena. France. 1954

Jean Prouvé was a revolutionary in his early inventor devoted to metal crafts and always maintained a strong commitment and dedication to the prefabrication and industrialization of collective housing. In this housing project staff overturn much of [More information]

Magney House in New South Wales


Glenn Murcutt Bingie Point.Nueva Gales del Sur Australia.1984

Ágora de Atenas 2002. Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

House Curzio Malaparte


Adalberto Libera and Curzio Malaparte Punta Masullo. Isle of Capri, Italy. 1943

This house is an icon representing the finest architecture made in Italy in the first half of the twentieth century. Emerging from the combination of the ideas of the great architect Adalberto Libera and writer's intuitions [More information]

Villa Maire


Alvar Aalto Little Birch Alley. Noormarkku, Finland. 1938 Porch access to the Villa Mairea. Photos: David Gross, Flickr

This is one of the most significant works of Finnish teacher. It is a manifesto in which Alvar Aalto tried to express in the beginning its peculiar way of understanding architecture.

[More information]

Casa Kaufmann


Richard Neutra 470, West Vista Chino, Palm Springs. California, United Unidos.1947

Photography: Mayoralphoto

Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Ugalde House


Jose Antonio CoderchTorrenove, 16.Caldes de Barcelona Estrac, Spain. 1953

This small vacation home is one of the landmarks of twentieth century Catalan architecture. Designed by the young Coderch few years after the end of World War 2, is a brilliant exercise in integration of a small piece of architecture in [More information]

Casa Koshino


Tadao Ando Kobe.Japón.1984Fotografia Editorial GG.Monografia Tadao Ando

The Koshino house is located in Ashiya a small city between Osaka and Lobe, two major urban centers of Japan. The house is divided into three volumes of concrete, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, New Museum [More information]

Villa Victoria 73


Stefan Antoni, Olmesdhal, Truen Architects SAOTA Victoria Road, Bantry Bay. Cape Town, South Africa. 2010

A medium-sized family mansion that intelligently leverages the extraordinary conditions of the site that lies, a steep cliff facing the sea. The work is part of a suburb on the outskirts of [More information]

Sert House in Cambridge


José LuisSert 64 Francis Avenue, Cambridge Boston Massachusetts, USA. 1958

This house was built by the Catalan architect for his family in the years he spent at Harvard University. Reflects to some extent the concerns that José Luis Sert had in those years. His proposal is to realize your ideas [More information]

House Studio in Tacubaya

Mexico City Luis Barragan. Mexico 1947. [More information]

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