Campus House of Glass


Philip Johnson New Canaan. Connecticut, USA, 1949-2005

The skewed access to the Glass House. Photos: Ron Blunt

Philip Johnson would be along much of the twentieth century one of the most controversial entertainers of American architecture. The Glass House in New Canaan (Connecticut) is the [More information]

Museo de Arte Kimbell


Louis Kahn Camp Bowie Boulevard. Forth Worth, Texas. USA, 1972

Side Porch to the museum. Photos: Xavier Jaureguiberri.

This museum is one of the most interesting works of one of the most gifted architects emerge during the twentieth century. Would originate in the order that the Texan patrons Kay Kimbell [More information]



Paolo Soleri Phoenix, Arizona. U.S., 1972View Arcosanti al sunset. Fto: Alfonso Elia, ArchDaily

For almost half a century, Arcosanti has been a focused effort to build an environmentally sustainable utopia in the desert of Arizona, in South America. An idea of ​​the Italian architect Paolo Soleri that [More information]

Casa Kaufmann


Richard Neutra 470, West Vista Chino, Palm Springs. California, United Unidos.1947

Photography: Mayoralphoto

Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Sert House in Cambridge


José LuisSert 64 Francis Avenue, Cambridge Boston Massachusetts, USA. 1958

This house was built by the Catalan architect for his family in the years he spent at Harvard University. Reflects to some extent the concerns that José Luis Sert had in those years. His proposal is to realize your ideas [More information]

Private Sea Ranch

Aerial view of the Sonoma County coast in the Sea Ranch. Share the blog Stepien y Barno


Lawrence Halprin, y MLTW Architects Sonoma. California, USA. 1967 Urbanization Sea Ranch is an interesting urban design effort that would focus on achieving high-built integration [More information]

Master Plan of Newport Coast

Overview plan of the organization. Newport Coast Master Plan. SWA Group


Spatial typical residential communities proposed by the Plan around the golf Form apples distribution of houses in cul de sac on the upper platforms of the promontories horizontal [More information]

Regional Plan of New York

Wide of the proposal for a system of parks and highways in the area of ​​New York, Connecticut and New Jersey

NEW YORK REGIONAL PLAN Thomas Adams. Regional Plan Ass. NY. USA. 1932 In the early twentieth century, a group of sociologists, American geographers and planners raised the proposal [More information]

Irvine Ranch General Plan

Plan Uses and Road System of the overall management, belonging to the Revised 1995 by the City of Irvine IRVINE RANCH PLAN

William Pereira & Ass. yJohn Are Orange County. Los Angeles, California. 1962

Irvine is an enormous expanse of ground, more than 400 km2, [More information]

Jefferson National Memorial Park

View large arc from one of the park's ponds NATIONAL MEMORIAL PARK JEFFERSON Eero Saarinen and Dan Kiley Saint Louis. Missouri. USA, 1965 The Gateway Arch, or Gateway to the West Arch, designed by Eero Saarinen 1947 is one of the most significant monuments of the city of St. Louis. [More information]

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