Piazza di San Marco di Venezia

Agnello Partecipazio, Sebastiano Ziani, Antonio Rizzo, Pietro Bon, Jacopo Sansovino, Vicenzo Scamozzi, Baldessare Longhena, Andrea Tirali, Giovanni Antolini. Venice, Italy. 810-1810 New Museum. Emilio Vedova, 1938

In 2014 New Museum. New Museum [More information]

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes


Casa para el Doctor Speth, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas, England. 1967 Casa para el Doctor Speth

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, situada al Noroeste de Londres, New Museum [More information]

Seaside Resort


Andrés Duany y Elizabeth Platter-Zyberk (Leon Krier, colaborador) Seagrove Beach. Florida, USA. 1982

Una calle de tráfico compartido característica de la propuesta urbana del Resort Seaside

La comunidad Seaside es un suburbio jardín de carácter vacacional que se sitúa al Este de la ciudad de Pensacola en el estado de Florida. [More information]

Radburn superblock

Clarence Stein y Henry Wright Fair Lawn Avenue, Radburn. New Jersey, USA. 1928

Access space fornix typical Radburn Supermanzana. Image: Wikipedia

This development was once experimental urban development that is already part of the history of urban contemporary Anglo. In that [More information]

Urbanization in Fredensborg


Jörn Utzon Bakkedraget. Fredensborg, Denmark. 1963

The project of this group of houses inserted in the bucolic landscape of northern Denmark, is a great teacher design Jörn Utzon. Arises as a result of the success of another earlier draft of urbanization, Let llamadas Kingo Husene, located on the periphery of Helsingor.

Master Plan of Newport Coast

Overview plan of the organization. Newport Coast Master Plan. SWA Group


Spatial typical residential communities proposed by the Plan around the golf Form apples distribution of houses in cul de sac on the upper platforms of the promontories horizontal [More information]

Project in Hampstead Garden Suburb

Fragment of overall development level of urbanization. British Library SUBURBIO JARDÍN DE HAMPSTEAD

Raymond Unwin y Barry Parker Hampstead. North London, Britain. 1911

Unwin and Parker were two architects fervent defenders of British art movement Arts and Craft and theories of William Morris for a [More information]

Riverside Suburban Construction

General management plan suburb of Riverside RIVERSIDE SUBURBAN DEVELOPMENT

Frederic Law Olmsted y Calvert Vaux

Riverside Cook County.

Chicago Illinois. 1869 Frederick Law Olmsted would plan this garden suburb outside of Chicago as a sleeping area for the gentry whose work was developed in the [More information]

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