Small Shed

Le Corbusier Roquebrune, Cap Martin Francia, 1951

Espacio interior original pequeña Cabaña Le Corbusier in Roquebrune

Uno de los menos Episodios conocidos of obra de Le Corbusier refiere al conjunto construcciones that realizaría para el arquitecto addition vacaciones personales in Roquebrune-Cap Martin, su lugar de Retiro in [More information]

Plan for the city of Chandigarh

Extract from general management plan of the city

PLAN FOR THE CITY OF CHANDIGARH Le Corbusier and Pierre JeaneretPunjab. India, 1966

Pandit Nehru, Prime Minister of India responsible this urban design to Le Corbusier, to mid-twentieth century. It is an example of integrated urban project for a new capital city [More information]

Iglesia Notre Dame de Ronchamp


Le Corbusier Bourlémont.Ronchamp.Francia.1954 Hill Brief Description:It is a work of great poetic expressiveness that Le Corbusier wanted to recreate cun gathering place ,silence,of harmony espiritual. Fully achieves this deeply religious in an interior where the nuances of lights create an intimate,that [More information]

Convento de la Tourette

Interior of Chapel

CONVENTO OF TOURETTELe Corbusier Eveux on Arbresle.Lyon.Francia.1960

Built in 1953 by Le Corbusier under the express wishes of the Dominicans, the convent of La Tourette is a masterpiece of architecture and a living witness of the cultural heritage XX.En century countryside, in a small plain [More information]

Housing Unit in Marseille

Main Facade ROOM UNIT IN MARSEILLE Le Corbusier Boulevard Michelet. Marseilles, France. 1952 The Marseilles Housing Unit is one of the iconic projects Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier and a benchmark for modern architecture. He began working in the early 1920 on collective housing based [More information]

Carpenter Center for Visual Arts

Facade from the walkway through the building.

New Museum. Cambridge.Masachussets.USA.1963

Completed in 1963, The Carpenter Center is located at Harvard University, being one of the last buildings built by the great architect. Un interesante libro de Eduardo D [More information]

House Curutchet

Exterior view of the house


The Plata.Buenos Aires. Argentina 1949. It is a house between that integrates context through the existing tree in the courtyard of the ground floor. With an exceptional location, against a wide and green avenue and plaza [More information]

Galeria Heidi Weber

Exterior view of one of the wards that make up the building

Galeria HEIDI WEBER Le Corbusier

Hoeschgasse, 8. Zurich, Switzerland. 1965

This is one of the works of the architect mature stage in which initiate the use of metal and sheet structures warped cover. Raised in [More information]

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