Casa para el Doctor Speth


Richard Ernst Oppel y Miguel Martín Fernández de la Torre. Calle Rosales, 4. Tafira Alta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Canary Islands, 1934Casa Speth en Tafira Alta. Infografía de A. Beautell, 2002.

[More information]

Ramp at Castelldefels Castle


Jose Antonio Martinez Lapeña and Elias Torres Castelldefels Barcelona. Spain. 1993

In 1993 Lapeña Martinnez architects and Elias Torres started the project to adapt the access to Castelldefels Castle, located on top of a hill about 60 m above the castle that dominates sea.This [More information]

Zarzuela Hippodrome


Carlos Amiches,Martin Dominguez.Eduardo Torroja El Pardo. Madrid.1941


La Zarzuela Racecourse was begun in 1935 but not opened until May 1941, due to the Civil War, although the work was virtually completed the 18 July 1936. He was inspired by [More information]

Ugalde House


Jose Antonio CoderchTorrenove, 16.Caldes de Barcelona Estrac, Spain. 1953

This small vacation home is one of the landmarks of twentieth century Catalan architecture. Designed by the young Coderch few years after the end of World War 2, is a brilliant exercise in integration of a small piece of architecture in [More information]

Botanical Garden of Barcelona


Carles Ferrater, Beth Figueras and Dr. Joseph Canosa Street Font i Quer. Montjuic Park. Barcelona, Spain. 1999 Access to the exhibition space of the Botanical Garden

This is a landscaped area of 14 hectares which is situated on one of the slopes of the mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, one [More information]

Housing building in Barceloneta

Exterior view of the facade

HOUSING IN Barceloneta

Josep Antoni Coderch

Barcelona. Spain. 1954

The modest housing building for low surface,plan which is solved from the definition of an oblique frame allowing to increase the chances of space and thus eliminating dead zones. The composition [More information]

Jaume Fuster Library

View Jaume Fuster Library entrance

Josep Llinás Carmona

Barcelona. Spain. 2005

The Jaume Fuster Library in the Gracia district, is the first visible part of the square and its surroundings Lesseps, becoming a reference point at the confluence of the square and Vallcarca Avenue. [More information]

Isla Centro Comercial Diagonal

Exterior View of the Complex

CENTRO COMERCIAL LA ISLA DIAGONAL Rafael Moneo / Manuel Sola-Morales

Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona. Spain,1993 Illa complex is a huge skyscraper lying on Avenida Diagonal. With a total area of ​​56.000m2 of commercial, offices, hotels and four floors for parking. This great building is [More information]

Igualada Cemetery

View of the outdoor spaces that make up the Cemetery

IGUALADAEnric CEMETERY Miralles and Carme PinósIgualada, Barcelona. Spain, 1994 After winning the competition held by the city of Igualada Year 1985, This cemetery is built with the idea of ​​replacing the previous. The design breaks with the image of the cemetery [More information]

Square Catalan Countries

Top view of the built elements that are inserted into the urban space of the square CATALAN COUNTRY PLACE Helio Piñon and Albert Viaplana Sants station. Barcelona, Spain. 1983

A design that would fortune late 80 and open the way to a whole new generation of [More information]

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