Capitol Building in Gran Via

View from Gran Via BUILDING CAPITOLLuis Feduchi and Vicente Martinez Eced Great Via.Madrid.España.1933 The Capitol building is one of the great landmarks of Gran Vía Madrileña, based on New York skyscrapers, German Expressionism and the building has 14 plants 54 meters, dedicated to service includes a hotel [More information]

Bankinter Building in Madrid


Rafael Moneo Castellana.Madrid Walk. Spain 1976 Brief Description: This work is to solve the difficult fit between the palace sheltered housing and buildings after their forced servitude. Moneo solves the problem very simply, with respect for the urban context, when no [More information]

Torres Blancas in Madrid


Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza Avenue America.Madrid Spain 1964 Brief Description

The building, of 71 meters, is a cylinder structure based around its perimeter surrounded by wooden lattice balconies. It has twenty plants, intended for home and office, plus two additional plants [More information]

Maravillas College Gymnasium

Main space dedicated sports

SCHOOL GYM SotaJoaquín MARAVILLASAlejandro of Costa, 21. Madrid. Spain, 1961 With an area of 20 seven meters trusses type "bridge" in steel, resting on pillars fine occur at intervals transversely 6 meters ,freeing up the internal space of the court. Using trusses, in [More information]

Eixample in Barcelona

Plano summary of the draft reform and expansion of the city around

REFORM PLAN OF BARCELONA Y widening Ildefonso Cerdá Barcelona, Spain. 1859 The General Theory of Urbanization would propose Ildefonso Cerda is the culmination of an egalitarian conception of the city that priority be given to [More information]

Casa La Ricarda

View from garden WEDDING RICARDA

Antoni Bonet i Castellana El Prat. Barcelona. España.1963 The "La Ricarda" house is located on the seafront next to El Prat airport(Barcelona) surrounded by dense housing pinar.La adapts to the demands of the landscape and sits on an artificial platform built [More information]

Refuge House Truffle

Interior Space landscape with views of the Galician coast TRUFFLE SHELTER HOUSE Anton Garcia Abril. Ensamble Studio

Laxe. Coruña, Spain. 2010 This is a radical and highly experimental bet this team working on the frontiers of architecture. The approach of this minimum housing is based on the establishment of [More information]

Pavilion at the Barcelona Exhibition

The canonical image of the interior of the building


Mies van der Rohe

Montjuic. Barcelona, Spain. 1929

The most representative building of the so called Neo. A stream of architecture that would arise in the Netherlands and Germany, in years 20 twentieth century. Its configuration volumetric [More information]

House Tahiche


Casa para el Doctor Speth, Lanzarote. Canary Islands, 1969. A seminal building the architect César Manrique. Built as a home and studio for himself, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

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