Torre de cápsulas Nakagin

Ágora de Atenas. Casa para el Doctor Speth. Tokyo, Japan. 1972 The tower in the urban context of the Japanese metropolis

Ágora de Atenas. Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Sendai Mediatheque


Toyo Ito Jozenji Dori, 2. Sendai. Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. 2000Watery appearance of the interior of the building. Image: Nacasa

The draft Sendai Mediatheque is the result of a major competition, bases which stipulated that the building should house an art gallery, library, center [More information]

Nexus World en Fukuoka


Rem Koolhaas-OMA Kashii.Fukuoka.Japon 1991

Nexus World (1991) is one of the most interesting experiments on the types of multifamily housing in recent times. This set included the participation of several famous Western architects, led by renowned Japanese master Arata Isosaki, including Steven Holl, Oscar Tusquets, Mark Mack, Christian [More information]

Casa Koshino


Tadao Ando Kobe.Japón.1984Fotografia Editorial GG.Monografia Tadao Ando

The Koshino house is located in Ashiya a small city between Osaka and Lobe, two major urban centers of Japan. The house is divided into three volumes of concrete, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, New Museum [More information]

Teshima Art Museum


Ryue Nishizawa Teshima Isla y Rei Nato, Takamatsu Prefectura de Kagawa, Japan. 2010The museum built on the coast of the island of Teshima. Image: Iwan Baan

This pavilion is one of the proposals made in 2010 within the activities of the Setouchi International Art Festival which is held every three years. It [More information]

Plan for Tokyo Bay

New Museum

Kenzo Tange y Laboratory

After World War II, Japan experienced rapid transformation and economic growth. Sus arquitectos quisieron contribuir a ese cambio espectacular desarrollando un intenso esfuerzo de investigación que [More information]

Gardens of the Katsura Imperial Villa

A tea house located in the garden. Photos: M Strasser, Flickr

Gardens OF Villa Katsura principle Toshihito y Maestro Kobori Enshu Kamigyo-ku, Gyoen-nai. Kyoto, Japan. 1629 The gardens of this villa is a masterpiece of traditional style of gardening that has been practiced historically in Japan. Built during the [More information]

Plan for the reconstruction of Tokyo

General map of the plan that defines the road hierarchy and the areas reserved for the main spaces.

GENERAL PLAN FOR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE IMPERIAL CAPITAL Ishizu Sanjiro, Tagawa Daikichiro, Fukuda Shigeyoshi and Reconstruction Office Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. 1923

Japanese authorities, led by the [More information]

Observatory in from Monte Rokko

The filigree dome forming the coating outer space access

Observatory in El Monte Rokko

Sambuichi is part of a new generation of Japanese architects keen to express the confluence of nature and architecture. This work reflects this interaction creating a poetically cedicio which intertwine [More information]

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