Urbanization in Fredensborg


Jörn Utzon Bakkedraget. Fredensborg, Denmark. 1963

The project of this group of houses inserted in the bucolic landscape of northern Denmark, is a great teacher design Jörn Utzon. Arises as a result of the success of another earlier draft of urbanization, Let llamadas Kingo Husene, located on the periphery of Helsingor.

Sydney Opera

Exterior from Bay SYDNEY OPERA

Jorn Utzon y Ove Arup

Sidney.Australia.1959-1973 The Sydney Opera House is considered a masterpiece of great beauty internationally. An essential symbol for the nation australiana.Una series of white shells, juxtaposed and erect, recall the sails of ships. something new, [More information]

Iglesia de Bagsvaerd

The special volume space of the nave

IGLESIA DE Bagsvaerd Jørn Utzon

Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen, Dinamarca.1976 This work is the first work of Danish architect after the conclusion of its work for the Sydney Opera House on his return to his homeland from Australia. It is a work of a sensibility [More information]

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