Broadacre City


Frank Lloyd Wright U.S., 1935

Proyecto Cloverleaf de viviendas usonianas. Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Frank lloyd Wright, 1942

Esta utopía antiurbanística es una condensación de las ideas que propondría Wright como concepto para el futuro territorial de Norteamérica. It is a view that is contrary to the recommendations of the Charter of Athens, [More information]



Paolo Soleri Phoenix, Arizona. U.S., 1972View Arcosanti al sunset. Fto: Alfonso Elia, ArchDaily

For almost half a century, Arcosanti has been a focused effort to build an environmentally sustainable utopia in the desert of Arizona, in South America. An idea of ​​the Italian architect Paolo Soleri that [More information]

Plan for Tokyo Bay

New Museum

Kenzo Tange y Laboratory

After World War II, Japan experienced rapid transformation and economic growth. Sus arquitectos quisieron contribuir a ese cambio espectacular desarrollando un intenso esfuerzo de investigación que [More information]

City Walker

Walking city tour in New York

WALKER CITY Ron Herron, Archigram Great Britain. 1964

In the early years 60, a group of young British architects, recently graduated from the Architectural Association and led by Peter Cook, would shape the Archigram group. This group would produce a strong shock to the landscape [More information]

Community of New Harmony

Aerial view of the configuration of the new city as we propose Owen Utopian COMMUNITY OF NEW HARMONY

Robert OwenPosey County. Indiana, USA. 1825

New Harmony was an experimental urban approach to the development of a new form of organization of human life in common. With the preceding [More information]

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