Casa del Tea Good News


Álvaro Siza Vieira Av. Freedom. Trollhattan. Matosihnos, Portugal. 1963

View Boa Nova Tea House from building access. Photos: Panov Scott, Flickr

In 1963, when barely thirty years old, Alvaro Siza culminate one of the works starting his brilliant career as an architect: House [More information]

Pools in Cornella Sports Park


Alvaro Siza Cornellà. Barcelona. Spain .2006

Located in the municipal boundaries of Cornella de Llobregat Esportiu Parc Complex is a large sports equipment 40.000 square meters by the architect Portuguese, Alvaro Siza.

[More information]

Rebuilt the Lower Lisboeta

Map of the city of Lisbon in 1755. Eugene Saints. Source: Wikipedia


Marques de Pombal Lisboa, Portugal. 1775 The earthquake 1755 would be a terrible tragedy that would affect the capital of Portugal, during the reign of Joseph I. Involved the destruction of the spaces [More information]

Gulbenkian Foundation Park

View of the outdoor auditorium in the park with the pond and the museum building in the background

PARK Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles Barreto y Antonio Viana Av. de Berna. Lisbon, Portugal. 1963

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is a cultural institution dedicated to contemporary art center [More information]

House in Leiria

Exterior View of Housing HOUSE Leiria Manuel Aires Matheus

Leiria. Portugal. 2010

On the outskirts of Leiria (Portugal) find a home as a first impression seems "typical home", but once we entered it is not what it seems. The house is emptied in the middle by [More information]

Seedlings of House Cultural Center

View from covered access


Madeira. Portugal. 2004

The Art Center in Funchal Casa das Quiet is a building that stands out for its integration into the landscape topography which arises from a policy of creating museums with the aim of decentralizing the Portuguese culture, [More information]

Braga Municipal Stadium

Exterior view MUNICIPAL STADIUM Stadium BRAGA Eduardo Souto de Moura

Monte Castro.Braga.Portugal, 2004 Built on a large concrete structure stands on the summit of Mount Castro embedded in ancient Durne granite quarry overlooking the city of Braga. Noted for leverage as the old [More information]

Natural Swimming Pools en Leca da Palmeira

View of the natural pools

POOLS EN Trollhattan Alvaro Siza

Matosinhos.Portugal 1966. The municipal swimming pool on the edge of the coast of Matosinhos beach hometown architect, represents a different way to assume the natural, where architecture is more autonomous, deleting references to traditional architecture. [More information]

House of Music

Vision of the inner lobby access to the main hall

House music Koolhaas, OMA District of Boavista. Oporto.Portugal. 2001 La Casa da Música (House of Music) is a concert hall that accommodates the institution of the same name and its three orchestras. The place where it sits [More information]

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