La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes


Casa para el Doctor Speth, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas, England. 1967 Casa para el Doctor Speth

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, situada al Noroeste de Londres, New Museum [More information]

Extension Plan of Amsterdam

Main Flat Extension Plan of Amsterdam. From Eesteren y From Lohuisen, 1934 [More information]

Plan for the reconstruction of Tokyo

General map of the plan that defines the road hierarchy and the areas reserved for the main spaces.

GENERAL PLAN FOR RECONSTRUCTION OF THE IMPERIAL CAPITAL Ishizu Sanjiro, Tagawa Daikichiro, Fukuda Shigeyoshi and Reconstruction Office Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. 1923

Japanese authorities, led by the [More information]

Irvine Ranch General Plan

Plan Uses and Road System of the overall management, belonging to the Revised 1995 by the City of Irvine IRVINE RANCH PLAN

William Pereira & Ass. yJohn Are Orange County. Los Angeles, California. 1962

Irvine is an enormous expanse of ground, more than 400 km2, [More information]

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