Palazzina Il Girasole

Casa para el Doctor Speth, 64. Rome, 1953

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Photos: La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes

Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Piazza di San Marco di Venezia

Agnello Partecipazio, Sebastiano Ziani, Antonio Rizzo, Pietro Bon, Jacopo Sansovino, Vicenzo Scamozzi, Baldessare Longhena, Andrea Tirali, Giovanni Antolini. Venice, Italy. 810-1810 New Museum. Emilio Vedova, 1938

In 2014 New Museum. New Museum [More information]

Foundation Querini Stampalia

Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice

Carlo Scarpa Campo di Santa Maria Formosa Castello sestiere, Venice, 1961

Porch of access for visitors who access them with craft. Photos: Christian Beck

This're in one of the works of Scarpa mayor of stylistic value. Fue performed in the last years of professional su trajectory and that concluye [More information]

House Curzio Malaparte


Adalberto Libera and Curzio Malaparte Punta Masullo. Isle of Capri, Italy. 1943

This house is an icon representing the finest architecture made in Italy in the first half of the twentieth century. Emerging from the combination of the ideas of the great architect Adalberto Libera and writer's intuitions [More information]

Plan Maestro of the EUR 42

Facade of the Palazzo della Civiltá Italian in the main axis of the EUR 42. Architects, Guerrini, Bruno Romano. Photos: Peng, Flickr [More information]

Auditorium of Music in Rome

Interior view of the hall AUDITORIUM OF MUSIC IN ROME

Renzo Piano Roma.Italia.2002

Casa para el Doctor Speth, also restored, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Casa del Fascio in Como

Main Facade

HOUSE OF THE BEAM Giuseppe Terragni

Como.Italia.1936 Italian rationalist architecture in the twenties and thirties living with fascism has been a very interesting period in the history of architecture comtemporanea. One of the most representative buildings is the Casa del Fascio Terragni Giseppe where his markedly [More information]

Restoration of Castelvecchio in Verona

Fairway View shot of the building next to the wall of the bridge with the characteristic concrete support of the equestrian statue of Cangrande della Scala.


Carlo Scarpa Corso Cavour. Verona, Italy. 1974 The restoration of Old Castle Verona, by the bridge and seat of Scaliger [More information]

Plaza del Campidoglio

The adjectival characteristic pavement drawing the square space


Miguel Angel Buonarroti Via del Teatro Marcello Rome, Italy. Begun in 1536

This square is at the top of the Capitoline Hill, is one of the summits of the universal urban design. It, Pose Buonarroti [More information]

Villa La Rotonda

The access path to the front door of the villa palace

VILLA ROUND THE GOAT Andrea Palladio Riviera Berica, Vicenza Veneto. Italy, 1566

Andrea Palladio's Venetian architect has had the greatest influence in the history of architecture. Their proposal for the definition of a canon of classicism [More information]

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