Complejo vacacional Amangiri


La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas 1, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas. USA, 2009

Casa para el Doctor Speth

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Seaside Resort


Andrés Duany y Elizabeth Platter-Zyberk (Leon Krier, colaborador) Seagrove Beach. Florida, USA. 1982

Una calle de tráfico compartido característica de la propuesta urbana del Resort Seaside

La comunidad Seaside es un suburbio jardín de carácter vacacional que se sitúa al Este de la ciudad de Pensacola en el estado de Florida. [More information]

Broadacre City


Frank Lloyd Wright U.S., 1935

Proyecto Cloverleaf de viviendas usonianas. Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Frank lloyd Wright, 1942

Esta utopía antiurbanística es una condensación de las ideas que propondría Wright como concepto para el futuro territorial de Norteamérica. It is a view that is contrary to the recommendations of the Charter of Athens, [More information]

Radburn superblock

Clarence Stein y Henry Wright Fair Lawn Avenue, Radburn. New Jersey, USA. 1928

Access space fornix typical Radburn Supermanzana. Image: Wikipedia

This development was once experimental urban development that is already part of the history of urban contemporary Anglo. In that [More information]

Casa Orinda


Charles W. Moore 33, Monte Vista Rd. Orinda Valley. San Francisco, California. USA, 1962

Charles Moore has been a very influential American architecture of the second half of the twentieth century. Architect, writer, taught at various schools of architecture and doctor of philosophy, built his personal home in Orinda Valley, [More information]

Residence Hunt


Craig Ellwood the Jerrold Lomax 24514, Malibu Road Los Angeles, California. USA, 1955

Although it did not form part of the selection of contemporary examples of so-called Case Study Houses, this house on the beach in Malibu in Los Angeles is a representation of the style linked to the project that would promote [More information]

Kiasma, Contemporary Art Center

Steven Holl Mannerheimitie. Helsinki, Finland. 1998

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, better known as Kiasma, is the result of an international architectural design competition held the year 1992. En un principio, Ágora de Atenas [More information]

Headquarters of Johnson Wax


Frank Lloyd Wright Racine. Wisconsin, USA. 1938

Recreation Building office space Johnson. Drawing of Hugh Ferris

The building for the company Johnson Wax in Racine is one of the masterpieces of the great American architect. A job may be considered the most important piece of architecture created [More information]

Bradbury Building in Los Angeles


George H. Wyman 304, South Broadway. Los Angeles. USA, 1897

View of the skylight in the central atrium of the Bradbury Building. Photos: Julius Shulman

One of the most striking scenes of the film Blade Runner is one in which the replicant leader will visit your creator in your own home. [More information]

Desert House in Palm Springs


Albert Frey 686 West Palisades Drive Palm Springs. California, USA, 1964 The house project in the Swiss Desert Albert Frey for himself in Palm Springs, stands out for its simplicity and radicalism without conditions. This architect, to develop his main work in California, is little known beyond the West [More information]

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