Palmyra House

Palmyra House

Bijoy Jain. Studio Mumbai Architects Nangaon, Alibagh. Bombay, India. 2007

View of the two boxes from the access to the water and the small central pond

This is a double holiday home that is posed with a simplicity of construction and formal resources very pronounced. Palmyra House, designed by [More information]

Architectural firm Sangath


Balkrishna Doshi Drive-in Road. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India, 1981

Balkrishna Doshi is an Indian architect representative cultural synthesis between East and West. Having worked with Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn has been explored for decades the cultural traditions of its vast country trying to integrate both worlds in their investigation of a form [More information]

Plan for the city of Chandigarh

Extract from general management plan of the city

PLAN FOR THE CITY OF CHANDIGARH Le Corbusier and Pierre JeaneretPunjab. India, 1966

Pandit Nehru, Prime Minister of India responsible this urban design to Le Corbusier, to mid-twentieth century. It is an example of integrated urban project for a new capital city [More information]

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