Airship hangars at Orly


Eugène Freyssinet Paris Orly Airport, France. 1923 Orly hangars are among the more concrete structures made impressive early twentieth century. In 1923, the French engineer Freyssinet would project to house and protect dirigibles in the Paris-Orly airport.

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Zarzuela Hippodrome


Carlos Amiches,Martin Dominguez.Eduardo Torroja El Pardo. Madrid.1941


La Zarzuela Racecourse was begun in 1935 but not opened until May 1941, due to the Civil War, although the work was virtually completed the 18 July 1936. He was inspired by [More information]

Firth of Forth Bridge

Vista desde uno de los extremos del puente

John Fowler y Benjamin Baker Edimburgo, Scotland. Britain. 1890

Seen from one end of the bridge

The Firth of Forth Bridge is one of the greatest engineering feats performed during the nineteenth century. Represents the first major steel bridge that would in [More information]

Montreal Biosphere

Partial view of Biosphere

BIOSFERA OF MONTREALRichard Buckminster FullerParque Jean Drapeau.Montreal. Canada ,1967

In 1967 USA participated in the Universal Exposition in Montreal, where his pavilion structure consisted of a steel cylindrical cells with a total dimension of more than seventy-five feet in diameter and sixty-three [More information]

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