Zarzuela Hippodrome


Carlos Amiches,Martin Dominguez.Eduardo Torroja El Pardo. Madrid.1941


La Zarzuela Racecourse was begun in 1935 but not opened until May 1941, due to the Civil War, although the work was virtually completed the 18 July 1936. He was inspired by [More information]

Pavilion of the Spanish Republic


Josep Lluis Sert and Luis Lacasa International Exhibition of Paris. France, 1937

Source:web lasuerteestaechada

This Pavilion for the International Exhibition of Paris of 1937 was a unique building that represented the government of the Spanish Republic in the sample under conditions very difficult political and economic. Given that Spain [More information]

Teshima Art Museum


Ryue Nishizawa Teshima Isla y Rei Nato, Takamatsu Prefectura de Kagawa, Japan. 2010The museum built on the coast of the island of Teshima. Image: Iwan Baan

This pavilion is one of the proposals made in 2010 within the activities of the Setouchi International Art Festival which is held every three years. It [More information]

The Springs Restaurant

Exterior view of the restaurant

Felix Candela SPRINGS RESTAURANT Xochimilco, Mexico City. Mexico, 1958 The restaurant is proposed to accommodate around 1000 people in a large room consisting of four equal hyperbolic paraboloid,curves in which the outer edges are hyperbolas. The result is a kind of water lily with [More information]

Mostyn Art Gallery

A suggestive foreshortening of space inside the gallery staircase ART GALLERY ORIEL MOSTYN Mark Ellis / Dominic Williams. Ellis Williams Architects Llandudno, North Wales. Britain. 2011

An elegant intervention after a traditional brick façade which has generated new space for an art gallery. Quality [More information]

Galeria Heidi Weber

Exterior view of one of the wards that make up the building

Galeria HEIDI WEBER Le Corbusier

Hoeschgasse, 8. Zurich, Switzerland. 1965

This is one of the works of the architect mature stage in which initiate the use of metal and sheet structures warped cover. Raised in [More information]

Observatory in from Monte Rokko

The filigree dome forming the coating outer space access

Observatory in El Monte Rokko

Sambuichi is part of a new generation of Japanese architects keen to express the confluence of nature and architecture. This work reflects this interaction creating a poetically cedicio which intertwine [More information]

Pavilion at the Barcelona Exhibition

The canonical image of the interior of the building


Mies van der Rohe

Montjuic. Barcelona, Spain. 1929

The most representative building of the so called Neo. A stream of architecture that would arise in the Netherlands and Germany, in years 20 twentieth century. Its configuration volumetric [More information]

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009

The scale variable deck defining SANAA pavilion


Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa, SANAA Hyde Park. London, Britain. 2009 Every year, the team of the Serpentine Gallery commissions a team of architects prestigious conducting its summer pavilion in the environment [More information]

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