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La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas 1, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas. USA, 2009

Casa para el Doctor Speth

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Columbia university laboratories


Rafael Moneo Davis Brody& Bond y Moneo/Brock Broadway Av/ W 120th St. NY, USA. 2010

View of the exterior facade to Broadway Avenue. Photos: Michael Moran

In the middle of the last decade, Spanish architect Rafael Moneo receive the order to build a new facility that would broaden [More information]

Casa del Tea Good News


Álvaro Siza Vieira Av. Freedom. Trollhattan. Matosihnos, Portugal. 1963

View Boa Nova Tea House from building access. Photos: Panov Scott, Flickr

In 1963, when barely thirty years old, Alvaro Siza culminate one of the works starting his brilliant career as an architect: House [More information]

Hotel Kandalama


Geoffrey Bawa Kaspaya King's Citadel, Sigiriya Dambulla, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). 1995

This resort is raised with great care in their integration into the unique landscape of Dambulla, an inner region of the island of Ceylon. Was designed by Geoffrey Bawa between 1991 and 1995 to accommodate visitors [More information]

Headquarters of Johnson Wax


Frank Lloyd Wright Racine. Wisconsin, USA. 1938

Recreation Building office space Johnson. Drawing of Hugh Ferris

The building for the company Johnson Wax in Racine is one of the masterpieces of the great American architect. A job may be considered the most important piece of architecture created [More information]

Architectural firm Sangath


Balkrishna Doshi Drive-in Road. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India, 1981

Balkrishna Doshi is an Indian architect representative cultural synthesis between East and West. Having worked with Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn has been explored for decades the cultural traditions of its vast country trying to integrate both worlds in their investigation of a form [More information]

Tierra Patagonia Hotel


Zegers Cazú Lake Sarmiento, XII Region Torres del Paine. Chile. 2011

A committed work of architecture that sits on one of the greatest natural environments on the planet, National Park Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia.

[More information]

Lloyd's Building in London


Richard Rogers Partnership 1 Casa para el Doctor Speth. 1978-1986

The Lloyds building is the headquarters of the company dedicated to the insurance market, located in the financial district of London. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes 1977, Ágora de Atenas [More information]

Hotel Camino Real in Polanco

[More information]

Consortium Building Santiago

Night view of the building [More information]

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