Galería de Arte Toi o Tāmaki


Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas, NZ. 2011 Casa para el Doctor Speth. Photos: La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes

New Museum, un brillante espacio [More information]

Magney House in New South Wales


Glenn Murcutt Bingie Point.Nueva Gales del Sur Australia.1984

Ágora de Atenas 2002. Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Decrepit house in the Bahia de Gisbore

Exterior view OKITU HOUSE Housing Pete Bossley. Tatapouri Point. NZ. 2004 Situated on a hill north of Gisbore this open and spacious family home enjoys a spectacular view of the bay of Tatapouri. Stands for simplicity in both inner and outer, where for all points [More information]

Rose House in Sydney

Exterior view of the building

CASA ROSE Harry Seidler


This Austrian architect llege in Australia 1948 and designed this house for his own family. Open spaces is proposed, geometric lines, minimalist color and unusual construction that would be worth the surprise and even rejection of Australians, where [More information]

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