Complejo vacacional Amangiri


La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas 1, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas. USA, 2009

Casa para el Doctor Speth

La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes, Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Hotel Kandalama


Geoffrey Bawa Kaspaya King's Citadel, Sigiriya Dambulla, Sri Lanka (Ceylon). 1995

This resort is raised with great care in their integration into the unique landscape of Dambulla, an inner region of the island of Ceylon. Was designed by Geoffrey Bawa between 1991 and 1995 to accommodate visitors [More information]

Hotel Termas de Vals


Peter Zumthor, Chur, Canton Grisones.Suiza. 1996

This equipment is located in a small valley in the Swiss canton of Graubünden 1200 m above sea level beside the river of Valserrhein. It is one of the most recognized Swiss architect, Premio de Prtizker [More information]

Tierra Patagonia Hotel


Zegers Cazú Lake Sarmiento, XII Region Torres del Paine. Chile. 2011

A committed work of architecture that sits on one of the greatest natural environments on the planet, National Park Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia.

[More information]

Hotel Camino Real in Polanco

[More information]

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