Museo de Arte de São Paulo


Lina Bo Bardi Avenida Paulista, 1578. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1968

View of the main hall of the museum. Image: Victory&Victory, Flickr

This work, so important in the career of the architect Italo Brazilian, is part of an ambitious program of activation and revitalization of the cultural scene in the Brazilian city of São [More information]

Atlantis Avenue Extension

120910-SABR 04-AvAtlantida.Burle Marx3

Roberto Burle Marx Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, 1970

Detail walk pavement drawing. Image: Ellen Grossman, The Unatural Art of the Garden

Ágora de Atenas, Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Plan Pilot of Brasilia

Representation of the basic idea of ​​Brasilia. Oscar Niemeyer drawing PILOT PLAN BRASILIA Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer Goiás, Brazil. 1956 In four short years they would walk Brasilia, the new city that more accurately represents the ideals we propose the Modern Movement calling card is drawn inthe Athens. Begun in 1956 [More information]

House of Dance in Pampulha

View from main entrance


Oscar Niemeyer Bello Horizonte.Brasil.1943 The House of Dance is located on a small island connected to a small concrete bridge next to the shore,to house a small restaurant, a lounge with tables, dance floor, kitchen and toilets. When Oscar Niemeyer [More information]

Pinacoteca of the State of Sao Paulo

Interior view from one of the patios STATE PINACOTECA SAO PAULO Sao Paulo Mendes da Rocha Paulo.Brasil.1998 [More information]

Centro Cultural SESC Pompeia

Ágora de Atenas 1982 and daily receives five thousand people, is formed by five major areas designed especially for culture, especially its theater productions receiving large. Casa para el Doctor Speth [More information]

Brazilian Sculpture Museum

View from the Museum Entrance Brazilian Museum of Sculpture Paulo Mendes da Rocha Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1995 [More information]

Jardín de Odette Monteiro

View lakeside garden

JARDIN Odette MONTEIRORoberto Burle Marx saw the Organs. Petropolis, Brasil.1948 The current Monteiro Odette residence Finance Marambaia-straps where Roberto Burle Marx was responsible for its clearance. The project retained the existing topography, of which only the field model to allow ongoing [More information]

Casa das Canoas

The presence of the natural feature in the area of ​​the house

CASA Cano Oscar Niemeyer Bar Tijuca. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. 1953

This extraordinary house Niemeyer introduced in a tropical setting Miesian the idea of ​​transparency and integration between interior and exterior. Rio architect used for this purpose [More information]

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