Auditorium of Music in Rome

Interior view of the hall AUDITORIUM OF MUSIC IN ROME

Renzo Piano Roma.Italia.2002

Casa para el Doctor Speth, also restored, La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes [More information]

Sydney Opera

Exterior from Bay SYDNEY OPERA

Jorn Utzon y Ove Arup

Sidney.Australia.1959-1973 The Sydney Opera House is considered a masterpiece of great beauty internationally. An essential symbol for the nation australiana.Una series of white shells, juxtaposed and erect, recall the sails of ships. something new, [More information]

Aula Magna of the Central University of Caracas

The auditorium punctuated by colored reflectors characteristic AULA MAGNA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY Carlos Raúl Villanueva and Alexander Calder

Cover Square Central University Caracas, Venezuela. 1953

The work of Carlos Raul Villanueva is the immersion of the Venezuelan architecture contemporary trends prevailing in the mid XX.El [More information]

House of Music

Vision of the inner lobby access to the main hall

House music Koolhaas, OMA District of Boavista. Oporto.Portugal. 2001 La Casa da Música (House of Music) is a concert hall that accommodates the institution of the same name and its three orchestras. The place where it sits [More information]

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