Villa Maire


Alvar Aalto Little Birch Alley. Noormarkku, Finland. 1938 Porch access to the Villa Mairea. Photos: David Gross, Flickr

This is one of the most significant works of Finnish teacher. It is a manifesto in which Alvar Aalto tried to express in the beginning its peculiar way of understanding architecture.

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City of Säynätsalo


Alvar Aalto Säynätsalo, Jiváskylä. Finland, 1952The City of a small Finnish population is in the Isle of Saynatsalo, which has about three thousand inhabitants and then lived in a modest industry. Aalto would face in 1949 City Council to contest that was organized by the municipality, It was constructed in one step [More information]

Riola Parish Church

View of the interior of the church RIOLA PARISH CHURCH

Alvar Aalto Riola di Vergato, Italy. 1978 The Parish Center Riola di Vergato is a synthesis of the Aalto's reasons in the field of religious architecture. The objective was to provide a ratio between the altar, the choir and organ, [More information]

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