New Museum


Bowery, 253, NY, U.S., 2007.

Imagen del edificio iluminado

Visitando el New Museum

Por Iris López de Armas

El New Museum de Nueva York constituye un referente en el arte contemporáneo de Nueva York y probablemente del mundo. Su nueva sede, New Museum [More information]

Galería de Arte Toi o Tāmaki


Casa para el Doctor Speth. La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes. Ágora de Atenas, NZ. 2011 Casa para el Doctor Speth. Photos: La nueva ciudad de Milton Keynes

New Museum, un brillante espacio [More information]

Foundation Querini Stampalia

Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice

Carlo Scarpa Campo di Santa Maria Formosa Castello sestiere, Venice, 1961

Porch of access for visitors who access them with craft. Photos: Christian Beck

This're in one of the works of Scarpa mayor of stylistic value. Fue performed in the last years of professional su trajectory and that concluye [More information]

Cathedral Museum of Hedmark


Sverre Fehn Domkirkeodden. Hamar, Norway. 1988

Opening light outside Hedmark Museum. Photos: Peter Guthrie

It is the restoration of an old piece of vernacular architecture in Scandinavia to introduce and explain the ruins of the building and the Hedmark Cathedral. Concept [More information]

Museo de Arte de São Paulo


Lina Bo Bardi Avenida Paulista, 1578. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1968

View of the main hall of the museum. Image: Victory&Victory, Flickr

This work, so important in the career of the architect Italo Brazilian, is part of an ambitious program of activation and revitalization of the cultural scene in the Brazilian city of São [More information]

Kiasma, Contemporary Art Center

Steven Holl Mannerheimitie. Helsinki, Finland. 1998

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, better known as Kiasma, is the result of an international architectural design competition held the year 1992. En un principio, Ágora de Atenas [More information]

Museo de Arte Kimbell


Louis Kahn Camp Bowie Boulevard. Forth Worth, Texas. USA, 1972

Side Porch to the museum. Photos: Xavier Jaureguiberri.

This museum is one of the most interesting works of one of the most gifted architects emerge during the twentieth century. Would originate in the order that the Texan patrons Kay Kimbell [More information]

Teshima Art Museum


Ryue Nishizawa Teshima Isla y Rei Nato, Takamatsu Prefectura de Kagawa, Japan. 2010The museum built on the coast of the island of Teshima. Image: Iwan Baan

This pavilion is one of the proposals made in 2010 within the activities of the Setouchi International Art Festival which is held every three years. It [More information]

Pinacoteca of the State of Sao Paulo

Interior view from one of the patios STATE PINACOTECA SAO PAULO Sao Paulo Mendes da Rocha Paulo.Brasil.1998 [More information]

Brazilian Sculpture Museum

View from the Museum Entrance Brazilian Museum of Sculpture Paulo Mendes da Rocha Sao Paulo, Brazil. 1995 [More information]

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