House Studio in Tacubaya

Mexico City Luis Barragan. Mexico 1947. [More information]

Hotel Camino Real in Polanco

[More information]

The Springs Restaurant

Exterior view of the restaurant

Felix Candela SPRINGS RESTAURANT Xochimilco, Mexico City. Mexico, 1958 The restaurant is proposed to accommodate around 1000 people in a large room consisting of four equal hyperbolic paraboloid,curves in which the outer edges are hyperbolas. The result is a kind of water lily with [More information]

Casa Gilardi

Interior view GILARDI HOUSE Housing

Luis Barragan Tacubaya. Mexico DF.1976

In a long narrow field of 10×36 meters, Barragan three dividing walls, their 80 year-old makes his last work. The small but powerful volume rose defends the street and poured into, decomposing [More information]

Museo Rufino Tamayo

Space main access to facilities RUFINO TAMAYO MUSEUM Museum Teodoro González de León and Abraham Zabludowsky Chapultepec. Mexico D.F:, Mexico. 1981 Zabludowsky González de León and two Mexican architects represent a position Jan monumental contemporary architecture of that country. His works attempt to establish a connection with [More information]

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